Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday wee~~

Ya, same like every sunday i turn on the pc and playing with the friendster and blogging here and there . later i will be working again duh . i just read some of my frens blogy and i realize that
nowadays there will be so much of failure in a relationship. No confident , having insecurities in their own relationship.

A signal before he try to break up with you is

:there try to avoid your message
:getting aufully close with his ex
:lost of the patient and telling that he was busy what so on project and bla bla bla
the main point is this when a girl as him whether you are still in love with me? defenently he will answer you yes, i just wana happy with you but haha don't trust it
its lie

But its happen around me my frens
Thats why people choose to be single all the time

Ya finish crapping with those thing, ya
i 'm goin to enjoy my Shopping Spree weeee~~~~
For my chinese new year oh
Next month with my best best buddy
she kinda busy so have to choose it on saturday and sunday, i don't understand what's sort thing she busy on. GUys? ngek ngek ngek
She kinda flirty girl
oh God, she goin to kill me shen she saw this

opss its time i hav to cut off here c ya next time
Bye Guys and gals
Take care lots

i Love you all

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