Friday, November 21, 2008

Change Yourself?

This is the post that i read from one of the blogger , I think She's kind of independent gal which i tot it is. ha. but what i had read i think it is true but i think many girl's can't do it because Love is Blind
which is i always thought.

Change yourself
You've paid the price of 6 months' happiness for someone who no longer wants to be a part of your life. It is time to put all these to a stop. Stop hoping that your ex might have a change of heart and reconcile with you, stop waiting, stop crying and most importantly, stop the self pity. Stop thinking that, if you continue with your low self confidence, people will have pity on you and care for you. No. That will never happen. The world is cold and brutal. I believe that even the best of friends that a person can have, might one day turn his/her back on you. This is life. There is no fairy tale.

You should take charge of your own life right now. Convert your self pity to anger if you must. That's what helped me recover from my previous depression.
  • He cost you your friends. He has many friends, yet because of him, you've lost yours.

  • He cost you 6 months of happiness. He left you when you needed him, so that he could find his own happiness. He is selfish.

  • He cost you your physical appearance. You were so upset about the break up that caused you to face acne problem.

  • He cost you your self confidence. He made you feel bad about yourself. And no one should feel bad about themselves.
Always think this way, repeat this thought everyday if you must. "Why should I be upset while he is enjoying life right now? He is not worthy of my time at all."

Of coz these tips won't work immediately, you'll need time to adapt, but if you try, it will work. People say time is the best medicine. I've heard people rebut that, time does not heals, it teaches. Whatever people say, it's true that only time can help. You've wasted 6 months of your life feeling sorry for yourself, feeling guilty that the relationship with your ex didn't work. What if you had used that 6 months to take charge of your life, and let time help you? You wouldn't even send me the email asking for help right now. So stop wasting time anymore, start taking charge of your life.

After the self pity stops, you'll eventually gain your self confidence back, not alot, but at least bit by bit. It is always easier to change yourself than to change others. Change yourself first, then people will change their perspective towards you. I'm sure you don't want to be remembered ten years later, as "Anonymous. Who?". Don't let yourself be a shadow in your life, be the one that stands out from others. Make people remember you. Make new friends, throw yourself out in the open, take chances and live your life. You'll only be 22 once a year. Why waste it on worrying about something that you won't know? Be confident, and you'll be happy.
Its kinda interesting rite.
i should be..

Conclusion dun be so depend on ur boyfrens... its kind a dangerous huh..
when a guy change , no matter how much you been gone thorough , no matter how much you had give out change is change.. this is kinda bad expectation huh. ha
but i think as what she say it is easier to change yourself better than change others.

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